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New Horizons: Safety and Excellence with Katal

In a world where every adventure on the mountain slopes promises exhilarating moments, safety becomes paramount. It is in this context that Katal, a company providing innovative safety development services for skiers and snowboarders, was born.

Katal’s projects are intertwined with a dedication to safety and a desire to make the world of winter extreme sports more secure. One of the key achievements was a landing pad development project entitled Katal Airbags and Landing Pad. The origins of this project go back to a tragic snowboarding accident that led to Aaron’s life changing experience, making him a quadriplegic. This incident inspired Katal to create an innovative device to cushion his landing, creating a safe environment for freestyle training.

Katal spent five years meticulously developing inflatable products in an effort to create the perfect airbag. The result of this labour was the Landing Pad, a product that provides the safest and most realistic training environment for skiers and snowboarders. It is not just an invention; it is the fulfilment of a desire to offer athletes the opportunity to learn new tricks with a reduced risk of injury.

Katal is proud to provide the technology that skiers and snowboarders have been dreaming of for years. Now, with Katal Tours, you can enter a world of innovation and safety. Be the first to offer our unique products for protection and development, opening new horizons for winter sports.

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