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New Mega LP to Silverstar!

Come check out the brand-new Katal Mega LP at Silver Star Mountain in BC Canada, purchased by the Silver Star Freestyle Club! Katal recently sold and installed the new airbag in December 2013.

The Silver Star freestyle club sought out Katal’s new mega-LP to help give their athletes a leg up on their competition, including other teams that own flat landing style airbags. The director of the freestyle team at Silver Star, Wade Garrod agrees.

“This one is built for going forward, so skiers or snowboarders that are flying forward with some amplitude can land on this bag a lot safer than they can on a flat bag” – Wade Garrod, Silver Star freestyle club, freestyle team director

The ski club plans to run special camps and programs on the airbag throughout the year including camps for the BC provincial teams. The airbag will also be open to use by the public during nights and holidays. Click here to go to the Silver Star freestyle club website for further information:


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