Katal teams up with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail

We will be opening up the landing pad to the public for just $75 per day. Teams and large groups can book a private three hour session. For  information on how to get on the landing pad contact vail@katalinnovations.com.

Check out the video!

Katal has teamed up with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail to take the landing pad to Vail, Colorado. Our mission is to bring the landing pad to anyone who wants to try it out.

Our sport is at a crossroads where the toughest tricks require jumps so big that they cannot be safely learned on park landings. You just cannot learn 12s and doublecorks on small safe jumps, and it takes too much time and effort to build a backcountry jump every time you want to learn something new.

This is why progression is endangered. The top pros have the support and the money to create giant training features in the backcountry, but the rest of us rarely get the chance to try something new. The combination of a deep powder landing, a well groomed takeoff and a clean run-in is not a common occurrence. As a result, we have too few opportunities to try new trick without risking serious injury. This is why Katal brought the landing pad to Vail this winter. Our goal is to create the perfect conditions for progression; all day, every day.

To our surprise, the top pros have been showing up to hit the Landing Pad. So far we have seen Travis Rice learn a new doublecork and we have seen Andreas Wiig throw down some giant double flips. We love this kind of support and progression but the most exiting thing we have seen is an army of kids we have never heard of learning tricks that we have never seen before. We can’t believe what the Ski and Snowboard Club Vail has brought to the Landing Pad, and we are pleased to help them push the sports we love.

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