Eric Poulin learns corked spins

Name: Eric Poulin
Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb, BC

Eric Poulin can spin like a top, but before the Landing Pad his rotations were locked longitudinal.  After a week on the Landing Pad, Eric was going so far off axis he was making the aerials team nervous.  We recently sat down with Eric to talk about his experience on the Landing Pad.  Here is what he had to say:

What is your worst injury, how did it happen?
My worst injury was probably breaking my wrist when I was first learning; I just kept falling and putting my hands out. Since then, I’ve had multiple minor injuries, including concussions, sprained shoulders, hip flexors, back, fingers, etc. This year I threw out my back, cut my face up pretty good by smashing it into the ground, and bruised my shin bone on a handrail.

How do you think will the landing pad improve your riding?
I figure it will finally give me the chance to see how I am at getting inverted in the air, since I never try getting inverted in the park. I am guessing I will be able to learn a couple inverted tricks safely and hopefully take them to the snow afterwards.

How does it feel to land on the pad?
So sweet… it’s like landing in deep pow, but you don’t have to worry about catching your nose and doubling over.  And when you fall, it feels great, it really just absorbs all the force you give it. Riding out is challenging, which is good because it forces you to learn to dial the trick… Then you can take it to a park jump and have good style with it.

What tricks have you learned on the pad so far?
I went to Lake Louise having never tried a backflip on my snowboard. I came away knowing how to do backflips, backside rodeos, switch backside rodeos, frontside rodeos, and I also threw a couple switch backside rodeo 7’s and fs rodeo 9’s.  Before the session ended I took a backflip to the one park jump they had, and landed it first try.

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